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Accommodation Information

Q:Will the conference organizers make accommodation arrangements for presenters?

The conference organizers will provide lunch and dinner on the days of conference for all presenters. For accommodations, we will offer information about recommended hotels with modest prices to all presenters via email. The presenters please contact the hotel on your own and make your reservations as early as possible to avoid disappointments.


Q:大會是否提供發表人之食宿安排? 如何安排? 


Format Requirements

Q:What is the deadline to submit the full-paper?

Please submit your full paper by April 30, 2010. Papers written in English must be in Times New Roman 12-point font type with at least one inch margins on all sides and must be double-spaced. The abstract and personal biography may be single-spaced. Page numbers should appear on each page in the bottom right-hand corner. Please make sure the following documents are also included with your submitted papers:

a) English abstract with an English title

b) Full paper

c) Brief 1-paragraph bio (please also include your recent position title, phone number, mailing address and email information)

Your paper should be collated as one continuous Word document and sent to wrp@ntu.edu.tw as an attachment. The email subject should use “Full paper for 2010 International Conference on Queer Diaspora.”




是否有特定書寫格式? 請論文發表人於2010年4月30日以前繳交全文。 繳交論文時請符合下列格式: 內文、版面請設定為新細明體,12字級,單行間距,並於每頁右下方標明頁碼。請依照: a) 英文摘要與英文標題 b) 中文摘要與中文標題 c) 全文 d) 簡要個人經歷(請包含服務單位、職稱、電話、住址、email等連絡資訊) 上述之次序將資料合併為同一Word文件檔,以電子郵件附檔形式傳送至wrp@ntu.edu.tw信箱,郵件主旨請註明「2010酷兒飄浪國際研討會論文全文」。感謝您的合作!


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